Biodyne Midwest


Bioremediation refers to the use of microbes (bio) to remove contaminants from the environment, thereby returning the resources to their "clean & natural" state (remediate).

Can external inoculation help?

Bioremediation use specially selected microbes with known degradation capabilities targeted to the particular environmental contamination. Bioremediation techniques are designed to get the contamination clean and back to a "natural state" completely.  Biodyne has developed microbial blends with special appetites for a variety of contaminants in many different applications. The success of bioremediation ultimately depends on the presence of capable microorganisms which can be properly "managed" to utilize their capabilities. Biodyne-Midwest produces these capable microorganisms that have helped with hundreds of Bioremediation projects, and our microbes are a valuable tool in getting contaminated sites to closure quickly and completely. Please Contact Us for more information and project experience and examples.