Biodyne Midwest

Groundwater Biotreatment

Typically, soil and groundwater contamination go hand in hand. Since it is usually impractical to pump contaminated groundwater out of the ground, most groundwater treatment techniques attempt to clean the groundwater “on site”, that is, in situ.

Our Experience

Biodyne® has been involved in hundreds of groundwater bioremediation projects (especially petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents) involving a variety of techniques befitting the particular circumstances. Inoculation with one or more of the ENVIRONOC® blends has proven both beneficial and economical in these projects.

Excavation with dewatering and subsequent biotreatment has proven beneficial recently to address modest soil contamination where excavation is warranted. Over time, the contaminating material is converted to innocuous carbon dioxide and water, thereby returning the groundwater to “clean” standards.

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