Biodyne Midwest

Oilfield Biotreatment

Biotreatment with ENVIRONOC products can be very effective in remediating soils in the well-head area but has also been used to remediate oil in drilling muds and production pit sludge. Biotreatment has also been used effectively to reduce down-hole paraffin accumulation and increase effiency in the producing oil well.

Our Experience

When petroleum hydrocarbons get into places they don’t belong, Biodyne® has found that its petroleum hydrocarbon degradation blend, ENVIRONOC 101, is especially effective in remediating impacted soils and surface waters. Periodic spraying with ENVIRONOC 101 and mineral nutrients coupled with moderate mixing will reduce contamination levels.

ENVIRONOC 101 has been effective in reducing excessive buildup of paraffin in the well, resulting in less down time due to clean out.  Furthermore, periodic flushing with the ENVIRONOC 101 blend has shown indications of reducing paraffin accumulation at the formation, thereby resulting in increased production in older wells.

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