Biodyne Midwest

Sludge / Surface Water Biotreatment

Sometimes contaminants accidentally make their way into the water. In other cases, the purposeful deposition of contaminants into surface ponds, lagoons, etc. occurs during household, commercial and industrial activities.  Either way, contaminated surface water can be a significant environmental issue.

Our Experience

Surface waters may become contaminated by many sources and substances. Whether fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides from lawn care, or petroleum hydrocarbons in collection ponds from large parking areas, or industrial or emergency spills, contaminants entering any type of surface water create environmnental risks and hazards.

Biodyne® has been involved in many surface water/sludge projects.  Aeration, bottom mixing and inoculation with ENVIRONOC® blends has proved both beneficial and economical in these projects while very effective in getting surface water / sludge back to a “clean and natural” state.

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