Biodyne Midwest

Wastewater Treatment / Grease Reduction

The biological treatment of wastewater utilizes a variety of techniques to create optimal environmental conditions for the removal of organic matter using beneficial microorganisms. Basically any wastewater that packs an environmental impact needs to be treated before release. Biodyne-Midwest has several ENVIRONOC blends to help with many wastewater concerns and issues.

Types of wastewater

Wastewater can take many forms:  domestic sewage from homes, food service establishments, commercial and industrial wastewater;  industrial wastewater from manufacturing and servicing; wastewater generated washing equipment and floors; water generated while washing school buses, trucks or heavy equipment; industrial wastewater from food manufacturers, or a myriad of other similar examples.

Our Experience

Biodyne-Midwest has provided microbial products for a wide variety of wastewater projects with outstanding results. Inoculation with one or more of the ENVIRONOC blends has proven both beneficial and economical in these projects, and very beneficial for the environment. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our recent wastewater projects.