Biodyne Midwest

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

While most municipal / domestic wastewater treatment systems were designed primarily to treat household waste, commercial and industrial contributions have strained their treatment capacities. Lowly household and commercial septic tanks have their own problems dealing with domestic sewage.  It is becoming more of a challenge each year to effectively treat domestic waste and keep up with regulations and requirements.

Benefits of Beneficial Microorganism Inoculation

ENVIRONOC® 301 can reduce levels of “garden variety” organics present in most domestic sewage while also handling more difficult intruders. Using beneficial microbes at municipal treatment facilities can enhance the operaton and keep everything running at the optimum level.

ENVIRONOC® 301 strains can result in increased removal of BOD and TSS in domestic wastewater while at the same time reducing sludge volume.

ENVIRONOC® 301 can Significantly reduce grease, odor and corrosion problems in the collection system lift stations.

ENVIRONOC® 301 can enhance the performance of septic tank systems while reducing drainfield problems.  Many fouled absorbion fields have been Recovered with Environoc 301 beneficial microorganisms, thereby saving homeowners thousands of dollars vs replacing their system.  Contact us to learn more.