Biodyne Midwest

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial systems usually don’t have a continuous supply of microbes coming into the system. Often the incoming food source is changing as production varies leading to inherent difficulties in maintaining a uniform microbial population. When shocks occur, the effects may be devastating and recovery may be slow. High wastewater levels can be very costly to the business and bad for the environment.

Benefits of Inoculation

ENVIRONOC® blends have sophisticated appetites allowing them to degrade both common and difficult compounds more efficiently.  Furthermore, they are resilient to many toxic compounds due to their ability to not only survive in their presence, but actually degrade them.

ENVIRONOC® inoculation will optimize reduction of COD, BOD, TSS and odors while also reducing periodic upsets and downtime.

ENVIRONOC® can save time, money, and keep the industries below todays required effluent standards.

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