Biodyne Midwest

Who is Biodyne-Midwest?

Biodyne-Midwest is located in Ft. Wayne, IN and is the exclusive partner of Biodyne Inc. of Sarasota, FL, in business since 1989.  The main goal of Biodyne Midwest is to promote the usefulness of the biological approach for solving problems related to the environment.  We are an innovative business intent on harnessing naturally occurring beneficial microbes for use in various environmental applications.  We offer products that provide economical and permanent solutions to many of today’s environmental issues.  Biodyne-Midwest cultivates and distributes viable and high-count liquid microbial products, called ENVIRONOC, to customers and partners while maintaining our focus to help the environment.

What Does Biodyne-Midwest Do?

Biodyne isolates and evaluates beneficial bacteria and fungi for desirable environmental capabilities.  Naturally occurring microbes are screened and selected for their special degradation or stimulation capabilities. Promising strains are assembled into products that can have a beneficial impact on the environment. Biodyne isolates and produces its own  microbes that are not genetically modified, and safe around plants and animals.


Biodyne-Midwest Products?

Poor microbial products produce poor results.  Without capable microorganisms, there is little hope of having success in biotreatment or biostimulation applications.  The scientists at Biodyne have isolated, identified and characterized hundreds of microbes.  Only the most capable microbes have been assembled to respond to specific environmental applications. Biodyne Midwest’s liquid microbial inoculant is called ENVIRONOC® and is formulated into 5 distinct blends. These blends are fresh, high count, and capable microbial solutions and each have specific appetites for various environmental projects. ENVIRONOC® products are sold in various sizes depending on the environmental application.   While the company has developed its products in response to requests to address particular problems, many resourceful customers continue to find new and innovative ways to use the ENVIRONOC products. Environoc products have been used on many different applications over the years with great success. Please visit the applications and products pages for more info.


Biodyne Midwest has ENVIRONOC® Microbial Blends for:

  • Environmental soil/groundwater bioremediation
  • Wastewater treatment enhancement
  • Restaurant / industrial grease reduction
  • H2S (hydrogen sulfide) odor reduction
  • Oilfield paraffin reduction
  • Washwater treatment
  • Muck reduction and water clarity enhancement
  • Septic System enhancement treatment
  • Plant biostimulation
  • Livestock housing and waste treatment
  • Aquaculture operations
  • Compost enhancement
  • Field Stubble and Crop Residue degradation / reduction
  • And More


Biodyne Midwest’s  ENVIRONOC® Product Attributes Include:

  • Microbes are naturally occurring and isolated for their unique capabilities
  • Biodyne isolates and produces its own microorganisms
  • Guarantees microbial strains are not genetically modified 
  • All of the products meet the requirements of local, state, federal and international health & transportation agencies.